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Sea Ranger 44/8

If you haven't spent time aboard a trawler-type cruiser, you're unlikely to appreciate just how differently and effectively this kind of boat functions compared with the archetypal aft-cockpit flybridge cruiser.


Saga and Eivind Amble have succeeded in their goal of providing a boat whose cockpit can be used as the main living area, whatever the weather conditions.

Sabreline 36 Aft Cabin

Three things about the 36 immediately stand out. Firstly, there's the significant extra privacy provided by having the two sleeping cabins at opposite ends of the boat.

Proline 2610

Even in the US, where sportsfishing is enormously popular, boats like the 2610 Walkaround are commonly used as multi-purpose sportsboats.

Nord West 330

The 330 has a strong sense of identity: it's not going to be confused with other boats, even those related by their aft-cockpit, non-flybridge layout. So what can it offer?


For a boat with working-class roots, the Nelson 34 attracts more than its share of admiring glances. But, as Starlet confirms, the tried and tested hull can play as well.

Moonraker 36

Throughout its production life, the Moonraker was in constant development. There were at least six different series and two different builders.


Linssen's Grand Sturdy provides us with a good excuse to examine the pros and cons of more leisurely cruising.

Fairline Squadron 62

With the majority of these boats heading for the sunshine, the flybridge is often the busiest and most important area of the deck.

Beneteau Antares 7 | Boat reviews | Motor Boats Monthly |

An impressive balance of deck space and interior comfort


Our rating:  80%

Fairline Phantom 38

Having a four-year-old Princess 360, a contemporary Princess and Sunseeker available for comparison was an enlightening experience

Fairey Huntsman 28

In the racy flower power years, the Huntsman 28 was clocking up fast Speeds and a sexy image of powerboating.

Cranchi Endurance 39

Worldwide building standards have improved significantly over the past few years, and the boats that MBY tests have fewer and fewer shortcomings.

Carver 450 Voyager

Remember when people-carriers like the Renault Espace first came to the UK?

Botnia Targa 30

The Botnia Targa 30 has a touch of the eccentric inventor about it. It's quirky, full of interesting and unusual ideas, and is slightly strange to look at.

Birchwood 310

Birchwood are actually offering two types of boat in a single shell.