VIDEO: World’s fastest pontoon boat sets new speed record

A South Bay pontoon boat has recently hit 99 knots during a speed trial in America, setting a new world record

With their broad beam and complete lack of aerodynamic profiling, pontoon boats seem more like party platforms than serious powerboats, but there is a growing band of American speed freaks who beg to differ.

Every year in August fast pontoon boat owners congregate in Missouri for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and it seems like the latest event was a doozy.

A bevy of illogically fast boats wowed the crowds, but the most impressive was Brad Rowland’s South Bay 925CR Tooned In, which clocked a maximum speed of 114mph (99 knots) and set a new world record.

As the video above shows, this 25ft pontoon boat can really shift thanks to its triple Mercury Promax 300X outboard engines, which kick up quite an impressive rooster tail.

However, after five years of fine-tuning Brad is still not satisfied with his world record and told local newspaper Lake Expo News: “I see 120 mph not out of my reach.”

To see on-board footage of what it’s like to ride on Brad’s world record-breaking fast pontoon boat, click on the video above.

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