Princess 55

With no shortage of talented 55ft flybridges to choose from, how does this new Princess 55 separate itself from the pack?

Blade Runner 45 sailing

If the old Blade Runner 35 was good enough for David Beckham, the new Blade Runner 45 should be good enough for anyone

Intercruiser 32 on water

Strong, sturdy and with more customisation than you’d think, the Intercruiser 32 is built to last

Man driving the Hawksley Classic Etoile 18

After being inspired by a boat magazine article, Simon Hawksley planned and pieced together the vessel of his dreams. Not only the first he'd ever built, but also the first…

Steve McFadden Targa

Actor Steve McFadden is best known for playing EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell, but he’s also built himself the world’s first hybrid Botnia Targa 25


An exclusive sea trial of the Princess R35 prototype and we test the Hardy 65 in a Force 7

Hardy 65

A boat like the Hardy 65 deserves a proper test, so with snow on the decks, we round the Isle of Wight in a Force 7 to see what it’s…

Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Aquarama Lamborghini

There's no denying we love Riva boats here at MBY. It's been a passionate affair that started the very first moment we laid our eyes on a Riva. It's not…