Editorial: March

Alan Harper on Champagne, mixed doubles and the boat show.

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Show Time!

On-line London Boat Show guide coming soon.

Tréguier marina is very friendly and agreeable, whether you are there just for a night and a good meal, or lingering a few days to get to know the town…

West Scotland

Anyone who has even glimpsed the west coast of Scotland will know this is one of the most spectacular cruising areas in Europe, dramatically indented and partly protected by islands…

World Class I announces a new leader

Offshore Sport Promotion (OSP), promoter of the current UIM Class I World Championship (WOC) series, have announced Britain's Richard Ridout as its new managing director.

Elder Cove

Down at the southern tip of Devon, just west of Prawle Point, Elender Cove is tucked under the dramatic granite scars of Gammon Head.

Victory scores as Gjelstan finishes third

It was high drama for the Dubai based Victory Team at the third round of the World Class I (16 litre) Offshore Championship in Arendal, Norway, on July 19.

Lake Race Abandoned

Jerry Peachment was leading when the red flags were flown by safety officers on the 11th lap.

Noone breaks winning pattern

A new name emerged to break the winning domination of Jerry Peachment when Paul Noone (Dac/Mercury) won the fourth round of the Formula GP championship at Stewartby, Beds, on June…

Your RYA course companion – Part 7

You've decided where you want to take your boat, you've booked the time off work, and you've bought the pilot books and charts. It's time to put it all together…

Your RYA course companion – Part 6

A yachtsman in the Med or the Baltic can get away with a cursory knowledge of how tides work, but for those of us in the UK it is an…

Your RYA course companion – Part 5

It's a foolhardy skipper who leaves harbour with no knowledge of how to use his charts and nav instruments to keep track of where he is. Robert Avis introduces chartwork.

Your RYA course companion – Part 4

Push-button navigation has made every skipper's life easier, but there remains no substitute for paper charts, parallel rules and a soft pencil. Robert Avis guides you through the raw materials…


On the dramatic south shore of the Bristol Channel, just over a mile east of Ilfracombe, a narrow gap in the cliffs leads to a shallow inlet known as Watermouth…