Used boats

Many boaters start their hobby by buying a used boat, as this can offer much better value for money than buying a new model.

Various avenues are available, including dealerships, brokerages, part-exchange and direct purchase, either face-to-face or online via the likes of eBay.

However, it is strongly encouraged for potential used boat buyers to make sure that the model has a full service history and is looked over by a marine surveyor before they part with their cash.

This is even more important for those considering buying a used boat that is moored overseas, although be aware that some or all of the paperwork may be in a foreign language.

Buyers are also advised to take a sea trial before signing a deal, so that they can determine how well the boat copes with offshore conditions and find out how well it handles. features monthly Used Boat buyer guides from our market expert Nick Burnham, as well as regular news updates. Click on the links below to read on…