Nick Burnham

ONJ Loodsboot 920

As a boat to pose in, there are better choices. As a boat for the serious business of heading offshore, the ONJ Loodsboot 920 warrants a second look…

Rolls-Royce yacht

The Rolls-Royce yacht concept, dubbed Crystal Blue, showcases hybrid propulsion using battery power and liquefied natural gas

Sunseeker XS Sport

We scour the classifieds to find a bona fide speed machine that won't break the bank. Can you find your dream performance boat?

“When the SC35 came out, it completely killed the Sealine SC38 that had launched nine months earlier.” I’m with Sealine guru Richard Allen at his RPA Boat Sales office. He’s…

Princess 62

Clever styling, astonishing amounts of space and a host of neat details give the Princess 62 exceptional showroom appeal. So what’s it like on the water?

Fjord 36 xpress

The Fjord 36 xpress may be based on the existing 36 but equipping it with outboards has done far more than deliver punchy performance

A rather snazzy black and stainless-steel Cross pen sits on my desk. Engraved with ‘100 yachts over 100ft’ on one side and ‘Sunseeker’ on the other, it was given to…

Cockwells Duchy 35

The Cockwells Duchy 35 is the new flagship of the Falmouth yard's charming wheelhouse cruiser range. Does being the biggest make it the best?

Jeanneau NC33

The Jeanneau NC33 joins a range that combines Scandinavian practicality with French style and value for money. How does it stack up?

DaVinci 30

In a world of expanding beams and towering superstructures the DaVinci 30 cuts a welcome dash. Nick Burnham takes it for a spin

Sealine C430

There’s something deliciously naughty about a big, beamy cruiser that tops 40 knots but that's not the end of the Sealine C430's talents

Fairline F-Line

Designed by Alberto Mancini, the Fairline F-Line 33ft open sportsboat will hit the water in early 2019, according to the yard