MGB 81

VIDEO: MGB 81 review

When German E-Boats began to run amok in English waters early in the Second World War, the Navy responded with a typically British solution

VIDEO: Used Boat – Bénéteau Swift Trawler 34

I was looking for an eight-metre sportscruiser a couple of years ago, and one model blew me away with its incredibly spacious and immensely practical layout. The search quickly morphed into a hunt for simply the best Jeanneau 805 Leader I could find. It’s been a while since a used…

Windy 27 Solano

VIDEO: Windy 27 Solano review

A blustery day trip from Lymington to Poole in a Windy 27 Solano is all it takes to fall in love with this exhilarating all-rounder

Sasga Menorquin 42

VIDEO: Sasga Menorquin 42 review

The Sasga Menorquin 42 has Balearic charm in abundance but how does it fair amidst the challenging conditions of a blustery Solent?

Hylas M44

Hylas M44 video review

Designed in New Zealand and built in Taiwan, the Hylas M44 comes to these shores looking to impress with high quality and robust seakeeping